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Photograph by Brandon Howell

Other Maternity Services in DFW

Integrative Gynecology

Dr. Limosnero - Carrollton

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage
Mother Me Doulas - Dallas

Celia Aldape​ - serving Dallas-Fort Worth

The C-Section Recovery Center - Plano

Birth Pool Rental - serving the US

Perinatal Psychotherapy and Counseling

Dallas Postpartum Support - Dallas

Our Birthing Home - Dallas

Bina Bird (perinatal, infertility and loss counseling) - Haslet

Womb Care (Traditional Mexican Medicine) 


Our Birthing Home Low Cost Holistic Maternity Services - Dallas

Infertility Resource

*Uncovering and addressing the underling causes of infertility is the foundation of holistic treatment.  Many of the care providers listed elsewhere on this site can be valuable partners in this effort.

​Braving Infertility Together - (support group - not focused on holistic options but local to DFW)