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Becoming Informed

Pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are times in which many important decisions are made - either with deliberation or by default.  

In order to develop informed opinions on relevant issues, it is often necessary to seek out unbiased information (when possible) as well as to consider various viewpoints on a given topic.  

The general opinions (particularly your birth philosophy) and specific preferences you establish will help you navigate the decision- making processes of pregnancy, labor, and parenting with confidence

and peace.

There are a number of factors that influence the outcome of birth.  Some of these are unpredictable or out of our control.  However, many of these factors are directly or indirectly affected by choices made by the parents long before the actual birth.  For well prepared parents, this is a very positive thing.  

Other than the unknown, which is actually often one of the least influential factors in the outcome of a safe and satisfying birth experience, some of the biggest factors that can influence the outcome of a birth are:

1.  Parental level of education and involvement in decision-making

2.  Level of compatibility and connection between parents and support systems (medical careproviders/ social support persons/place of birth)

The Birth That You Want

"FETUS, Life Is Too Fragile"; by Wissam Shekhani