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"Holding Hands"; by Irving Shark

*These lists have been compiled with the help of many people, mainly in the holistic community of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  Keep in mind that conventionally trained physicians like medical doctors receive no formal education about natural and holistic health.  Any knowledge or training these professionals have is generally self-motivated and separate from their formal medical training.  Because of this,  the extent to which they understand and practice natural and holistic medicine can vary widely and even be quite minimal.  Conversely, a naturopath or Doctor of Chinese Medicine receives formal training that is primarily natural and holistic in nature.  

Individuals and families should take care to research and ask care providers relevant questions so they can confirm that professionals satisfy their personal definitions of "holistic".

Because natural medicine aims to treat all of the facets (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of a person and because all people, even those with the same diagnoses, are unique, it can be very beneficial at times to seek the help of knowledgable and experienced professionals in our health journeys.  This is especially true when dealing with serious or chronic health conditions.

 There are always reasons, or underlying causes, to sickness and malfunctions of the body, and healing is a matter of uncovering and addressing those root causes.  However, those underlying issues can be complex and tricky to uncover;  and some things, like intense detoxification, can require special care to carry out safely.  A competent naturopath or other holistic health professional can often more effectively and efficiently help you to discover the underlying causes unique to your situation and develop a tailored protocol to address them than may be possible on your own.  

In the case of routine maternity or pediatric care, you are most likely to receive the sort of care you desire from a likeminded care provider.  For example, if you want a natural childbirth without medically unnecessary  interventions, you are most likely to achieve this if you have a care provider who doesn't have a 95% epidural rate in his or her practice or who doesn't induce labor in most patients as a standard practice.  If you prefer to use garlic oil or colloidal silver to treat an ear infection, you will be more likely to receive these sorts of natural recommendations from a care provider who is educated about these options rather than a pediatrician who is only aware of or only believes in antibiotics as a valid choice.   Expecting to receive holistic support from a care provider who has no education or belief in holistic medicine is like ordering a taco at a hamburger joint.  You may and may not get a dish with some form of ground beef, but it isn't what you ordered and it isn't realistic for you to expect it to be;  it's just not what they do.  It is the same in healthcare.

"Holding Hands";

by Irving Shark

These lists have been compiled by many people, mainly in the holistic community of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  

Individuals and families should take care to research and ask care providers relevant questions so they 

can confirm that professionals are a good fit and satisfy their personal definitions of "holistic".

Holistic Professionals in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and Beyond