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whose responsibility is is to make healthcare decisions?

It is a fundamental human right and the responsibility of individuals/parents to make thoughtful, prayerful decisions regarding healthcare for their families.  Since one must have access to adequate information from all relevant points of view in order to make a truly informed decision, it is important that families seek out information from sources other than those funded, supported, or substantially influenced by entities with a financial stake in the outcome.  However, because education and experience of all sorts tends to be the substance from which opinions are formed, completely unbiased resources are often not available; and at times different parties simply and even sincerely have different items of interest. In this case there is still great value in considering such various perspectives and the evidence in support of them. Truly, it is families who have the most at stake in the reality that unfolds within their homes; and therefore parents have the right, responsibility, and are the most qualified to critically consider available resources and to make conscious decisions they can own from a place of knowledge, from a place of faith and not fear - whatever that ends up looking like for each family.    

what types of information/resources can i expect to find here?

For many diverse, though frequently related reasons, allopathic opinions and evidence are the default in the US, and therefore rather easy to come by.  Therefore this website references only informational sources that come from angles other than those you are likely to hear from the allopathic medical community and related entities.
why is conscious, informed decision-making in healthcare important?

If you were looking to buy a new car, how much time would you spend researching the topic before you made that financial investment?  Would you take Ford’s word for it on the quality of a Nissan, or would you go to a Nissan dealership and see what they have to say?  

​How much more important are the decisions you have to make regarding healthcare decisions for your family?  Do those decisions, do your children, deserve at least as much thoughtful, prayerful research as a vehicle purchase? I assert that these decisions merit a great deal more attention than any material investment.
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