Nothing on this website is to be construed as medical advice, but is for informational purposes only;  it is intended to be appropriately filtered by critical thought so that families, alongside the healthcare providers of their choice, are taking the responsibility to make the conscious decisions that are best for their own unique members and situations.  
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Christian Healthcare Ministries and Medi-Share are other Health Sharing options.  They do not make provisions for natural medicine but both share expenses for some forms of doula services and midwifery care.

The following are health insurance alternatives for those of the Christian faith.  "Health Sharing" organizations are growing in popularity and are increasingly available to those interested.

Health Insurance Alternatives

Biblical alternatives to health insurance that satisfy the healthcare mandate and offer provisions for both mainstream and natural medicine

*If you choose Samaritan Ministries  as a result of viewing the information on this website, please consider mentioning Cristina Howell for referring you.