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Holy Cow Beef - Lubbock, Texas farmer's markets and DFW area co-ops
Windy Meadows Chicken - Campbell Texas and DFW area co-ops

Hudspeth Farm Beef, Chicken and Pork - Forestburg, online and serving DFW

R&C Dairy -  Collinsville

Red Moon Farm - Van, and serving East Texas and DFW

Jersey Girls Dairy - Winnsboro


Hillbilly Nutrition - Dallas-Fort Worth

Prosper Food Source - Prosper

ROCK Farmers Market Buyers Club - DFW

Local, Organic Food Delivery Services:
FarmBox  Delivery - DFW

Harvest to House - Denton County and surrounding area

Farm to Fork Foods - DFW

Local to Dallas-Fort Worth 

Farms and Co-ops

Photographs by Cristina Howell

Outside of Dallas-Fort Worth

Real Milk - dairy

Eat Wild - animal products

Bountiful Baskets - produce