Nothing on this website is to be construed as medical advice, but is for informational purposes only;  it is intended to be appropriately filtered by critical thought so that families, alongside the healthcare providers of their choice, are taking the responsibility to make the conscious decisions that are best for their own unique members and situations.  
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​TKM Practitioners (a distinct type of energy medicine from a Christian perspective)​

​Dr. King - Frisco

Practitioners of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncturists ​ 
Integrated Center for Oriental Medicine - Plano
Kathy Dagle - Grand Prairie
Dr.  Zhang - Carrollton
Dr. Zhou - Richardson
Dr. Qiong Bai - Dallas

Applied Vascular Therapy (BEMER)

Sheila Howell - the Colony

Keely Thomas - Plano

Reiki Practitioners

Terri R. Malek - Denison

Yoga Synergy - Garland

*These lists have been compiled with the help of many people, mainly in the holistic community of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.  Keep in mind that conventionally trained physicians like medical doctors receive no formal education about natural and holistic health.  Any knowledge or training these professionals have is generally self-motivated and separate from their formal medical training.  Because of this,  the extent to which they understand and practice natural and holistic medicine can vary widely and even be quite minimal.  Conversely, a naturopath or Doctor of Chinese Medicine receives formal training that is primarily natural and holistic in nature.  

Individuals and families should take care to research and ask care providers relevant questions so they can confirm that professionals satisfy their personal definitions of "holistic".

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