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B.R.A.I.N. Acronym - A Basic Framework for Informed Decision-Making

*This is a commonly referenced acronym in the childbirth community, but has value in virtually any situation in which there are options to be evaluated in an effort to make an informed decision.  

What is God or my gut telling me?


What are the potential risks of this option?



Explained by Cristina Howell

What alternatives are available?

Any time a medical intervention is suggested by a doctor, family member, or even an article you come across, you have an opportunity to evaluate your options and make an educated choice.  Even taking as few as 2 minutes in an emergency situation can be very helpful as you strive to make the best decisions possible.  And oftentimes you have considerably more than a few minutes, sometimes many months or more, depending on the scenario.  Consider taking as much time as is reasonable in your situation and working through the following questions:


What are the potential benefits of the proposed intervention?





What might happen if I wait or do nothing?